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Recursos  y Enlaces Útiles

(Resources and Useful Links) is a great resource for extra practice, translations and additional help with grammar and vocabulary. Awesome to use for at home studying!

Duolingo is an app that can be used to help anyone learn a language. This would be great as a study tool or extra practice at home. Try it with your family!

Conjuguemos is a great way to reinforce verb conjugations and vocabulary. It includes drills, quizzes and of course GAMES!

Study Spanish offers yet MORE grammar and vocabulary practice. It also has tutorials, explanations and notes for students to use as a reference.

Another resource for practicing grammar. This site also includes mini culture lessons for students to get a glimpse into the Spanish speaking world.

Quizlet makes simple learning tools that let you study anything. Start learning today with flashcards, games and learning tools — all for free.

Video explaining just a few reasons why learning Spanish is AWESOME!

TedTalk Video 1 gives 4 reasons it is important to learn a new language. And who doesn't like a good Ted Talk???

Señor Wooly is the website that contains many of the songs and activities we will complete in  class.  

Use this to further practice prepositions.

Word Toss is the perfect game for anyone learning Spanish from scratch. Your task will be to read the word and choose correct translation. (Spanish > English or English > Spanish)

Fast hands is a fun, fast-paced game to play when you want to practice Spanish vocabulary. Can choose the level of difficulty based on the speed of the game.



Grammar & Vocabulary
Videos and Music
Games & Extra Practice

NOTE: These resources are ever growing and changing (like you - 🤪). I update them as I find new games and activities. I also greatly appreciate student feedback! I would love to know which resources are helpful and which games you enjoy. On the flip side, please tell me which you DO NOT like, so I may remove them from this list. 

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