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Miss Santin

Hello! I am so excited to be your teacher!!! 

A little about me, I am almost always in the mood to hear an interesting fact, a good joke (keep it clean people!), or to be introduced to new music.


" Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to people who prepare for it today."~ Malcom X


I have been teaching since 2007 and this is my second year at Ross School.

I love teaching and the best part about it is supporting you as you grow as a learner. I am on your team and am here to help you be a successful student in and out of Spanish class. My hope is to have a good time, while we work together to enhance your language skills and proficiency as a Spanish student and as a scholar. 



Come to school every day ready to try your best! Take your learning and the learning environment seriously and treat EVERYONE with KINDNESS and RESPECT. Practice INTEGRITY and EMPATHY at all times. 



I will come to school every day ready to teach! I WILL treat EVERYONE with KINDNESS and RESPECT. I am here to support you in your academic endeavorers any way I can! ¡Habla Conmigo!

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